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Dec 29, 2011
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Hi everyone,
So my pre-med advisor told me that I wasn't allowed to send my transcript to AMCAS without this semester's grades. I had actually spoken to an AMCAS rep a while ago who said the same. I called last week and two reps confirmed that I can in fact send my transcript without this semester's grades, but the only problem is now my school has put a hold on all transcripts until this semester's grades are ready (June 9th). The lady at my school said my transcript would be sent out on June 10th, and it will receive AMCAS about a week later...Then it will take AMCAS about 6 weeks to process it (if I am not wrong), so my application technically will not be verified and sent out until July/August? I have everything else ready (Application, LOR, etc.), but I am worried about this whole transcript ordeal. Will this set me back? When should I have sent the transcript in case I have to reapply next year?

Thank you!

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I don't think your application will be hurt significantly. AAMC starts accepting transcripts early May so if you have to reapply, you should do so around then next year. As I'm sure you already know, you can always pre-write your secondary responses after other SDNers post prompts online. Schools won't read your app until it's complete anyway, maybe look at your numbers to screen, but your application can still be complete pretty early. Good luck!
I think submission in June is still considered early; there is nothing you can do at this point so why bother stressing about it? Have the transcripts mailed out asap (and rush deliver them if you can) and relax.
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Verification won't take 6 weeks if you submit in mid-June, unless there's a huge screw up like there was last year. The 6 weeks thing is more towards peak season, mid to late summer.
Thank you everyone!
I was really hoping to send it in early. I just watched the 2015 AMCAS video again and the charts they provided for the time it took to verify apps in 2013 and 2014 was about 10-15 days if you submit in June, so why do they say 6 weeks? I'm kind of lost. Is 6 weeks their max time? My MCAT scores will be out on June 10th so that will also be out of the way.