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Jan 13, 2012
Brace yourselves... this is long.

I ordered a transcript from my community college through National Student Clearinghouse early July. My school sent it to PharmCAS late July, and I patiently waited 10 business days for PharmCAS to upload it. It never happened.

I called everyone: PharmCAS, my school, and National Student Clearinghouse. They all pointed fingers at each other, which was no help. I thought, "OK... maybe it was my fault" (even though I have the receipt to prove I wrote the address correctly, turned in the transcript request form to my school, and told them to send it with my transcript).

So I decided to order another transcript. This was sent on 8/20. Currently, I am waiting for PharmCAS to upload that they received it, but I have a feeling that they never will, based on what happened previously. I know it has been less than 10 business days. But I am worrying (a lot!) because PharmCAS was able to upload my main university transcript the same week it was sent (like within 5 business days) without any problems.

I voiced my concerns to PharmCAS just last Friday over the phone, and they said that there might be a (last resort) solution. But I am not exactly clear on it. They said if I could get my school to explain that they sent both transcripts on a school letterhead, and a transcript (that I am guessing I ordered personally and have in my possession), then I could send it to PharmCAS. This is the first time I ever heard of this, because I know it is stated explicitly on PharmCAS that the transcript must be from the school's registrar's office.

Did anyone ever have to go though this much trouble just to send a transcript? If so, is it even possible for me to send a transcript myself along with a letterhead from my school explaining what happened?

It is just so annoying because this is the last part of my entire application, which I have already submitted. If anyone could help, it will be greatly appreciated!!


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Jul 12, 2013
I doubt your school will accept the transcript from you. I tried it last cycle when I had issues too. It was around the massive amounts of snow, so the offices were closed a lot. I had mine double sent and it turns out they ended up receiving both. It's getting busier so it might take a little longer. Hope it shows up soon!!