transcript processing time?

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Oct 12, 2004
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My transcript was mailed out on 7/7, so it must be there by now. But I haven't got a notice from amcas. I checked the web and it's still missing.
When I did it last year, it took only a day or two.
Do you guys have any idea why it takes this long this time?
The first one was sent on 6/27, but nothing from amcas, so I have them send it again on 7/7. Still nothing.
Are they that busy now?
I called them, and machine answered.

****, I'm nervous.

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Jun 29, 2005
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Did your school say that it was sent? My schools email me when it was sent and I have a file on my email account for all med school stuff.

Call the registrar of the missing transcript today and ask them politely about it. They're cool at most of my schools (except FAES at the NIH..they're from the stone ages and are not nice) are nice and might be willing to resend it. Stress that everything else is in and you're worried your application might take extra long to process if it doesn't get in soon (partially true).

Things do get lost in the mail.