transfer credit and gpa confusion

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Oct 14, 2008
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I took the general bio series during highschool through a community college. On the community college transcript, only the lectures are given as credit with a grade. On my university transcript, the transfer credit with grades for the labs was also given.

So, how do I calculate my gpa from this? Do I include the transfer credit into my gpa?

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Aug 1, 2007
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according to AMCAS form the hand book in my own words:

List the class exactly as it appears from the university at which the course was taken, and then append the end of the name with "& lab" and mark the appropriate selection in the "lecture, lab, or lecture and lab" sections.

For example, I took classes at a regional university for two years before switching to a local state university.

My regional General biology was a lab and lecture, but was listed on my transcript as:
"General Biology".

On amcas, i wrote it as "General Biology & Lab" and selected the "Lab and Lecture."

And as for GPA, since the community university counted it as all one class, it only counts as one class.
IE my Gen Bio class was 4 hours; therefore, it was 4 hours of an A.