Transfer credits and AMCAS GPA

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Jan 9, 2018
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GPA at my university (Public Ivy if that maters) is 3.5 but due to lots of dual enrollment creds from high school and some summer courses from a different university my AMCAS GPA is ~3.7. So how will that be viewed by admissions? Will it be considered different than if it were a 3.7 all from one school?

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Completely immaterial

AMCAS GPA is the only GPA Schools will see for admissions purposes. However, your dual enrollment and summer courses must be reported from original course grades with transcripts from original schools. So how uf these courses lower your UG GPA can your AMCAS be higher?

Good to know! Wasn't sure if they would see it as one or if it would be split up by school.
To clarify they don't lower my UG GPA
Main univ-3.5
dual enrolment- 4.0
summer classes-3.8
Lets see your AMCAS GPA Grid
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