Grad level science gpa only 3 credits

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Jan 9, 2024
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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for some advice on a tricky situation I'm in.

I currently am pursuing my masters in Biomedical Engineering, and didn't realize my biomedical engineering courses wouldn't count towards a grad level science gpa. I made the mistake of taking one BIO class this semester to count towards my graduation requirements for the BME masters, and later realized this would be the only course to count towards a grad-level science gpa (3 credits). Essentially, I am worried I may end up with a B+ in this class, which would technically mean my grad level science gpa would be a 3.3. All of my BME classes I will get an A in, so my cum gpa for this masters will not be a problem.

Should I extend the master's program into the fall so I can take more BIO grad level credits to make up for this class, or will it not be a big deal since it is just one class? This again is risking that I don't do well in more science classes and it causes even more damage in addition to the increase in cost. My prehealth advisor thinks it will not be an issue since the med schools will see only 3 credits will go into this calculated gpa and that I should not take more coursework, but I want more opinions.

My undergraduate coursework was decent, with a 3.7 cum gpa and a 3.6 science gpa.

Any help is greatly appreciated :)


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