Transfer from UQ to UniMelb

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Kungfu Kitty

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Jul 14, 2008
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I am currently half way through first year vet at UQ. I am from Melbourne and moved to QLD as I was accepted at UQ but not Melb Uni. I have left behind friends, family and long term boyfriend in Melb to pursue my long time dream (and am so glad I am finally doing it!).
I want to apply to transfer back to Melbourne for next year, and was wondering if there's anyone here who has done that who could give me advice on grades necessary, maybe a comparison between the two schools, and also whether anyone has been successful in transferring into second year at Melbourne (2nd year of the dedicated vet course) after completing first year vet at another Aust uni.

Any info would be much appreciated!!

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you would need the prerequisites, chem physics and biology to transfer into vet no matter where you are from. 2nd year lateral transfer is tough because of limited space, but not impossible. I think you would be looking at marks around 75+ average. Melbourne compared to QLD is accredited by AVMA, so if you're planning to work in US in the future, it's a bonus