Transferring Vet Schools

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Jan 3, 2024
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Hi everyone! Just wondering if anyone knows anything about transferring vet schools. I absolutely love the vet school I am currently at in Australia but it has been harder leaving my pets and family than I thought it would be and I am looking into transferring back to the States. The only thing is I don't know how applying will line up because the semester starts in February in AU, unlike the US. I am in my first semester of vet school and I am assuming I need to send them at least one semester of grades from this vet school but I will not have any grades by the fall application (April 1st) and will already be done with my second semester before I can apply to the second semester for the US schools (Dec 1st). My brain has been fried so excuse me if there's an obvious solution with the dates haha. Anyway does anyone have experience transferring internationally or advice?

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Your best bet is honestly contacting the schools you're interested in applying to. They will know best the timeline. Be prepared for even potentially having to attend your current institution for a full year and/or repeating a full year at your new institution if you're accepted.
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I know some transfer students to my school from the Island schools, depending on when they transferred and what classes they’d taken, some jumped in full time, some have to take an additional course or two and another spent a year or so essentially part time to take courses needed to get on par with their official class.