Transferring non CA school rotation hours to CA

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Dec 11, 2009
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I'm a pharmacy student in PA (Pennsylvania) graduating in May and I want to transfer my PA school rotation hours to CA (California). I know similar questions have been asked on this, but this process is still unclear to me. If you've called CA board, it's useless because no one answers phone and if you email, its copy/paste email which doesn't answer your question. It’s not even busy time when people turning in their applications after graduation, what are they doing, they might as well not have phone number if they’re not gonna answer it. The wording on CA forms is so wordy and unclear. I have 4 detailed questions about this, but a lot of it is just copied and pasted wording from CA that I’m trying to understand. Thanks in advance to anyone for helping

(1) First off, did anyone here go to pharmacy school in another state, successfully transfer ONLY their school rotation hours to CA, it was accepted, and you sat for CA boards? My impression through reading through a lot of posts is that CA will take whatever your state board sends and they will take your out of state school rotation hours if filled out on those CA intern affidavit forms. Even if you didnt come from PA, if you transferred only your out of state school rotation hours to CA and were able to sit for CA board, I just want to know if it worked for you


-CA requires 1500 intern hours for licensure

-my PA school does 6 rotations of 240 hours each. 6 x 240= 1440 hours total

-PA board will only report 750 school hours to other state boards

-I'm also a CA intern and have done 100 hours in a CA pharmacy and signed on affidavit form. I plan to get more hours during my winter break

since PA will report 750 hours to CA, when I'm applying to CA after graduation, does this mean I only need to turn in affidavits that add up to the other 750 hours?

-pick any 3 of 6 PA rotations x 240= 720

-the CA site so far where I got 100 hours

-total 820 hours + 750 PA hours= over 1500 hours. Does this seem right to do? If PA is sending 750 hours, it doesnt seem to me that I would need forms from all 6 preceptors to send all 1440 hours from PA

(3) If that works, I want to make sure I'd be filling these forms out right from the CA Rph packet ( My questions are about part A and B below. It’s from pg 3 of form

“Intern hours obtained in another state may be submitted to the board on one of the following forms:

A. Verification of License in Another State form (17A-16). If you hold an intern license in another state this form must be submitted verifying the status of your intern license. If the licensing agency in the state where the intern hours were obtained will transfer your intern hours to California, you may request that licensing agency to certify the number of intern hours on this form. Not all state licensing agencies will transfer intern hours to another state. Please contact the state licensing agency directly to verify if they will transfer your intern hours to California along with verifying your license status in that state.


B. If the state licensing agency will not transfer your intern hours to California, you are still required to submit proof of your intern hours on the Pharmacy Intern Hours Affidavit form (17A-29) documenting 1,500 hours of pharmacy practice experience as an intern pharmacist. However, you are still required to have the state licensing agency verify the status of your intern license on the Verification of License in Another State form (17A-16).”

It says A or B but I feel I’d be doing both A and B. From Part A from pg 15 of packet (form 17A-16), when I fill out top part A, I'd have to put my PA intern license info, right? Then it says to submit it to PA board, doesnt even say if there's a fee or if PA requires fee for just this page 15. I send this page 15 to PA, they fill part B out then PA board sends it back to me and I include this in my CA application? If this is all true, I bet for PA to fill out part B and return it to me would take awhile

For Part B, I mentioned PA will only report 750 of 1440 school rotation hours. If PA will send 750 from part A, couldn’t I just do what I mentioned in #2 above with sending 3 affidavits from 3 rotations above (3 x 240= 720) plus affidavit for 100 hours I did from CA? This adds up to at least 1500 hours. No need to get signature from all 6 preceptors for 1440 hours if PA already sending 750, right?

(4) my last detailed question has to do with filling out CA intern affidavit form correctly (p 12 of application). I have 2 questions about this

-if I’m filling this out for a PA school rotation done in PA, do I put my CA intern license info on this CA intern affidavit form? Unlike part B which pharmacist fills out, it doesnt have a part for state licensed, it’s like it assumes you’ll put your CA intern license info on this CA intern affidavit form, even if hours done in another state

-The other part the pharmacist must put a number on this line: “___________

Number of hours of pharmacy practice experience substantially related to the practice of

Pharmacy. NOTE: A maximum of 600 hours may be granted at the discretion of the board.”

About that, CA doesnt explain what 600 hours is composed of, but posts here say it has to do with situations where you didnt work with pharmacist like research, so if all your hours are with a pharmacist, that wouldn’t be applicable. What number should I put on this line on every intern affidavit that is turned in to CA board? I feel like if I leave it blank, it’s just gonna be rejected as an incomplete application but I don’t know what to put down

Sorry so many questions but any help would be appreciated. CA board is no help and as you can see, the wording on their forms is unclear. Thanks in advance to anyone for helping

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i went to school in SC and here is what i did: had my school send a letter to the SC BOP stating my completed rotation hours. i had no intern hours outside of school rotations. i then had SC BOP forward this info to the CA BOP. CA BOP took all 1600+ hours.

you have two options, have PA send whatever they will to CA (ask that they confirm your license status as well) and then submit the CA hours yourself (which i'm not sure CA will accept if they think you are double dipping; ie resubmitting hours PA sent because PA might not breakdown where they are coming from, but i assume CA would trust you as you are pledging no perjury) OR go back to each of your preceptors and have them fill out form 17A-29. it has to be 17A-29. PA then also has to mail a confirmation of your PA intern license to the CA BOP. if you go with option one, you don't need to even involve your preceptors. regarding the license blank on the form, i would either write in both CA and PA numbers, or attached sheet with your PA info.

"Number of hours of pharmacy practice experience obtained in a pharmacy": if you worked under a licensed pharmacist in a pharmacy setting (retail/hospital/clinic/etc) you count hours here, ie 240 and the pharmacist signs attesting to this number.

"Number of hours of pharmacy practice experience substantially related to the practice of Pharmacy": this has to do with anything pharmacy related that doesn't fall into the above category. you shadow a nurse for a week and watched him/her administer meds? you attend a pharmacy conference? you do a journal club? I'd count the hours and attach a brief paragraph explaining what you did and why the hours should count. the worst that happens is the the CA BOP doesn't accept them.
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I am in the same boat as a PA student. I was wondering what you did to get 1500 hours approved if PA board of pharmacy will only send 750 hours to CA. I did fill out the 17A-29 form for CALIFORNIA for EACH of my APPE preceptors total 1440 hours but have not sent this to CA directly yet.

It seems i probably do not have ANY hours registered under PA board of pharmacy because i did not report anything directly to them. Should i even bother sending in verification through the school because it seems I would only get 750 hours max from my school.

Should I send in a PA verification form for EACH of my precetors and send these to the PA board of pharmacy. Then after they confirm that it is either 1440 hours or 750, I would have them send these hours to CA.

What did you do?
There are 2 ways to get hours to CA:
1. get the OTHER state to fill the hours out on Verification of license in another state form (may be slower) -- this form has to be done by PA BOP regardless if you decide to go this route or route #2


2. Get every preceptor to sign the intern hours affidavit form (should be faster)

verification of license in another state form: get PA BOP to fill this out. The number of hours on this form does not matter (they can put zero) IF you get every preceptor to sign the intern hours affidavit form.

This is my experience only from last year. Check to see if they update the requirements.
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