Transferring Optometry Schools

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Sep 5, 2015
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Has anyone been successful in transferring optometry schools? If so, how lengthy is the process and what school have you to transferred to? I know transferring is frowned upon but I am considering transferring from IAUPR and I wanted to know what my chances are of getting in to other schools given that my grades are good.

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My guess would be difficult. The curriculum is set up differently at each school. The best answer would be to contact the other schools you are interested in and see what they have to say. I know some who were told they needed to start at day one again because of the differing courses.
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I agree. A former classmate had to re-apply and be re-admitted when he wanted to switch schools.
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Difficult to do and highly dependent on the circumstances.
I assisted a student in doing it, but for it to happen:
  1. The school must have an open slot (someone else left/flunked out, leaving a position open
  2. Will probably add a year to your timeline. A 2nd year might get accepted as a 1st year in the new school.
  3. Be in good standing: flunking out of another school (especially a low-tier or new program) will not look good.
  4. If you were rejected from the school initially, unlikely that they would accept you later. Had an acceptance? then maybe.
In the situation I helped with, a 2nd year at school A with a 3.2 GPA wanted to follow his spouse who was transferred for military.
Was allowed to begin as a 2nd semester 1st year @ a school he had been accepted to previously. Lost an entire year, but was able to take a lighter load initially since he "tested" out of a couple courses.

If you're a bad student, I'd say forget it unless you're transferring TO IAUPR or one of the unaccredited programs.
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