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  1. For anyone at UNE - I'm transferring there in June right after boards and wanted some advice.
    1. First of all where can I find out which are the best hospitals to rotate in? Do you guys get orientation about these hospitals?
    2. How is that class from June 10-28 - is it intense, are there any books I have to buy, etc.. most importantly I need to know how intense it's going to be b/c I'm wondering whether to take the USMLE before that time or if it would be okay to take them some weekend during that time.
    3. Where can I find some housing for three weeks?
    4. Anything else I should know about UNE and 3rd and 4th year? rather where can I find out more?
    5. When is vacation time? and when do rotations start?
    Thanks in advance.
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    hi -

    we heard that there were two students transfering into our class - you must be one of them.

    our rotation lottery is on april 7 (a sunday) and hospital day (where all the core training sites (CTC) will be is on april 5th).

    While we haven't been updated on all the locations for the coming year the past year there were sties in the following locations through UNECOM:

    Johnson City, NY
    Leatherstocking Region (Cooperstown/Utica, NY)
    Newark, NJ
    Lehigh, PA (Allentown & Redding PA)
    Lancaster, PA
    Providence, RI

    I'm not sure which one you are attracted to the most geographically, but keep in mind that some of them (especially Maine, Newark and Rhode Island) are very popular and will be competitive in the lottery.

    After the site lottery there is the tract lottery where you will determine in which order you do everyting. Each roation is 6 weeks long, and you will be given an open block of 6 weeks in which you can take the time off OR you can do an elective/selective at a place of your choice to be applied to your 4th year requirements (which requires 3 electives and 3 selective (in IM, surgery) plus during your 4th year you will be required to do one OMM month back at the school clinic and one Rural Maine rotation through the AHEC program.

    After the boards we have a course in emergency medicine and our OSKI course which is a course for perfecting clinical skills and the like. I don't think there will be any books that you will need.

    You will have the entire month of July off, rotations will begin around August 13th. Your 4th year will not begin until August 1st of the following year.

    if you have any questions you can e-mail me at [email protected]

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