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Sep 28, 2002
Chapel Hill, NC
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Hey all, I was very relieved to see my AMCAS finally went through today. Naturally, one more step into the process, two new questions to ask..
1. On my log-in page, it gives transmission dates for each of my schools as being ~ 3 weeks ago, but when I go to print application, the "Transmitted from AMCAS to school" column is blank for each school. Does this simply mean that the dates on the log-in page are when the preliminary "Chem's gonna apply to you, so get ready to laugh." messages went out to the school, and nobody's gotten my finished AMCAS yet?

2. Does anybody know what essays I should start working on for the UNC-CH, ECU, Wake Forest secondaries? I'd like to get a head start before they send 'em out.

Thanks all


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Sep 26, 2002
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i don't know about ur secondaries but i know from the transmission dates that what they have on the screen may not show up on the print application--i don't know exactly why.
However, i noticed that the dates seem to change. I just checked mine, and BU previously showed transmitted Sept, but now it shows that it just got transmitted today (and it finally showed up on the print application--before it was just on the 1st screen).
hope that helps.
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