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Nov 10, 2006
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I was at PCO this past monday for an interview. I thought the school was very modern and clean - the new student centre is beautiful. My main concern in transportation. Although I didnt really get a good look at the area surrounding it, my impressions were that there isnt much around. I was told there was a subway across the street.. but that's it. If I go there, I probably wont have a car, so even getting to the Eye Institute will be a hassle.

And again, I didnt get a good look at the area so I dont know. ANyone have any comments?


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Mar 21, 2004
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Hi there,

Honestly, without a car, going to clinic will be quite a hassle. There are public transportation but I would strongly recommend you having a car. Since there are times when you have clinic right after your classes. Moreover, when you are second year lets' say, you'll have to carry a lot of equipment to and from Clinic, so that'll be troublesome as well.

But I do know ppl that get by without owning a car. Most of your classmates probably wouldn't mind giving you a ride. The only problem with that is sometimes they get off different times than you do, so you run the risk of 1.)Troubling them for waiting until you are done or 2.) Taking the Bus back to your house at night.

Hope that helps a bit.




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Oct 20, 2005
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You don't really need a car, if your worry is getting to clinic for first year. You will meet people that have cars, and you just hitch a ride with them. For instance one of my friends comes to clinic everytime with me because we have the same schedule, lucky for her! But yea, you will go to clinic with 30-40 of your classmates at a time for now. However 2nd yr, it'll problay be wise to get a car. Also, I wouldn't take public transit. There's no subway nearby here, there's a train station but that doesn't bring you to clinic, you take it to go downtown. And if you take the bus to go towards TEI with your clinic clothes, well I wouldn't do it lol.
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