Tutor available and tips for Step 1

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Apr 15, 2008
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Hello everyone

I’m in Atlanta and are available to tutor all subject in USMLE step1. If you are outside of Atlanta, we can arrange tutoring session through the phone.

My approach towards the step 1 and all parts of medicine is to UNDERSTAND THE CONCEPT. Once you understand, it require less brain power to memorize and a lot of time, you don’t need to memorize at all.

Since I cant post an email until after 20 post. You can contact me by sending a private message.

For those that don’t require tutoring, here are a couple of things that are very important.

1. Do lots of question. How many you ask? I would say at least 4000 questions, I did 7500 myself.
Aside from the obvious benefit of doing questions. You must try to improve your test taking skill. This include knowing EXACTLY what the question is asking and secondly, read ALL the options before picking an answer. I know these are obvious, but you’ll be surprise by the kind of mistakes that you made.

What’s the best way to approach a questions?
Everyone is different. But for me, I will first scan all of the options real quick before I read the questions. This will let me know in advance what the question is about. (cardio, path, pharm etc…). From this, I tends to be more calm and can prepare myself mentally when I read the questions.

Should I do the questions in tutor mode or time?
Again everyone is different. I usually do most of my questions in tutor mode b/c I can learn my mistake right away. Beside I don’t have to come back and read the questions all over again. This work well for me b/c I don’t have problem with time mode at all, meaning that I usually finished in time. For those that have problem with time mode, hence rushing at the end etc…I still suggest doing the majority of your questions in tutor mode. But go back to time mode occasionally to test out your skill especially before the exam. Work strictly on time mode if you are constantly running out of time.

Who has good questions?
Here are my top three not in any kind of specific order.
-USMLE world. Tends to be harder than the exam itself.
-Kaplan Q-bank. Much better than before ( 2-3 years ago)
-Board simulators series. Excellent. There are five in total. Dr. Goljan co-author these books.

2. Know the BASIC of every mechanism, disease, pathway, process etc….. VERY WELL. First Aid is very good at this, every single point/statement is important. A lot of time they ask you very simple but SPECIFIC questions. So if you only knew it vaguely, you are a done for. You see, you don’t have to be a genius to do well. You just have to know how to study.

One last thing. On the day of your exam

-Don’t do anything different. Meaning if you usually drink one cup of coffee in the morning. Do the same thing on the exam date. Don’t go crazy and drink like three at once so that you have the boost. I knew a guy who had done this and obviously felt sick in the middle of the day.

-After each of your block. Please try not to think about the questions that you just had. Why? Because you might found out that you just made a couple of stupid mistakes and surely that’s going to ruin your whole day.

Good Luck everyone.