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I am attending MUA in the fall and was wondering what the typical day is like for a Caribbean Medical School student. Is the curriculum that much different between the Caribbean schools? I was just curious and want a heads up on what I'm getting myself into. Thanks


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sorry, no clue

all I can provide is what classes we take each term. The schedule changes each day, so I can't generalize it too much. But as each semester goes on, the time we spend in lecture goes up. 2nd semester has less but we spend a lot more time in the lab.

1st =- histology, biochemistry, Doctor Patietn and Society, Genetics
2nd = Anatomy, Physiology, Neuroanatomy
3rd = Pharm I, Path I, Micro/Immuno I, and Behavioral Science
4th = Pharm II, Path II, Micro/Immuno II and Intro to clinical medicine.
5th = in miami, is advanced intro to clinical medicine. (not sure if its considered part of the clinical sciences or basic sciences)

hope this helps


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Jan 5, 2004
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I don't know how comparable it is, but here is the schedule at SGU first-term:


All first termers have lectures every day from 1P - 5P. These rotate every day and include: Anatomy, Biochem, Histology, Embryology and Clinical Skills I. You will have one 3-hour anatomy lab a week, as well as one 2-hour histo lab a week. These run in the morning from 8a - 10a or 10a-12p. However, this will not usually be enough time to complete your assignments so there are "open hours" until either 10p (Histo) or 12 midnight (Anatomy), where you come in on your own time to finish dissections or histo slides. On the morning where you do not have Anatomy lab, you will have Clinical Skills I disscussion group for 1.5 hours. There are other mandatory lectures scattered throughout the term, such as CTSI, Professionalism, Drug Abuse Workshop, etc.
It generally works out that you have class from 8 (or 10) to 5 three days a week, sometimes 4. The other 1-2 days a week, classes are just from 1-5.

This does not include study time, which goes from end or class until midnight or later.
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