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Jun 1, 2002
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For the section in which we have to list our science classes, are you guys putting every single science class or only those that satisfy pre reqs for medical school. i'm a bit confused.

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I think it would be smart and beneficial to put down all your science classes that are part of your BCPM GPA for AMCAS. I mean if you put down a few extra classes, whats the big deal. Its not like it was too time consuming.
yea, that's what i did. i'm trying to enter all of them, but i have 2 more remaining. it isn't letting me add anymore. what should i do?
I would definitely call the admissions office before submitting your secondary and get a direct answer from them. I didn't have a problem last year with the secondary, but it might be somewhat different this year. Anyways here is the number, (513) 558-7314