U of South carolina or Eastern Virginia Neuro? also good link inside for all


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Jul 25, 2006
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Hi All. My wife an dI are very interetsed in finding a quiant little place like Charleston SC to live so I am looking into their Neuro program. Anyone know anything about this program? I realize its not top of teh list but I'm not top of the list in terms of board scores. in fact did pretty bad but have an excellent sob story backed by my dean etc. anyways matching in neuro isn't a big concern it seems.

Anyways, they other reason Charletson is attractive is because docs in general get paid better in the south and I can imagine staying there when done.

Here is an excellent website with lots of good info:http://www.emedhire.com/the_ideal_job.asp
its a recruiting place but has a lot of good NEURO info. check it out

Any insite would be great, as well as other south eatsern places I might consider.

All tehj virginia schools are in my sights as well. U of V VCU and even Easten Virginia (anyone know about this place)?
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