U/S courses

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Jun 28, 2002
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Anyone think they picked up enough proficiency in one of those pre-conference/weekend course where they feel comfortable using an u/s for peripheral injections?

I missed out on the u/s machine @ our residency by one year. Boo.

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I would like to hear from anyone taking a course if they felt proficient with US guided injections. We may get a unit through our sports med/family practice guy.
Jay Smith is running a course at Mayo this July through AIUM.
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Several of our residents have attendended the UMichigan course the last few years, and we have the opportunity to go the the AIUM course here at Mayo too. It seems most courses are geared toward radiologists/diagnostics. Residents who went to the UMich course this year, had one "interventional day" where they stuck needles in turkey breasts/phantoms. You do that at the AIUM course too, but there is one full day of doing injections on fresh frozen cadavers which I believe is unique. I think the course is very good and it gets great feedback from the attendees.
Thanks for the feedback, Caedmon. I've burned through my CME $, but will probably spring for the next one....maybe.
Thomas Jefferson is having their course in Atlantic City in May. I'm going with a couple attendings. I'll let you know how it is.
Lev Nazarian is presenting at the TJU course. It should be well worth it having spent some time with him at Jeff and seeing him present at Temple for the residents.