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Sep 18, 2002
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Hey ya'll
.... So basically I am starting to get panic-y. I am a Ca resident and like all Ca residents I want...no need....to go to a UC school ( PRICE PRICE PRICE). But alas i haven't received one interview yet. Are they just slower than every where else? I have interviews at Pritzker and Michigan coming up and i'm worried that the UCs may be passing me by...whats the consensus?
Thanks for soothing an anxious pre-medical mind :)


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Feb 8, 2002
all the people in black suits just started showing up in our lectures late last week. the ball really hasn't started to roll yet..but it will..and soon.

i've seen about 4 interviewees so far at ucsf. last year..the interviews really started to pick up in late october and early november. i didnt' interview until january..and they interviewed into april.

i know that when i spoke to the admin office last march to inquire about how many acceptances were given out...only about half were sent.

the uc schools are sloooooww. just have to have patience.

good luck.


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Jul 30, 2002
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not to be too mean, but jot, really couldn't you have personal messaged that last reply? on a thread about someone being paranoid that they haven't gotten a uc interview yet, maybe you shouldn't write about how excited you are to have one :(

rachelmann, i feel your pain. i'd love a uc interview! hopefully they'll get to us soon:) i figure this stuff is just so random. maybe you are just on the bottom of a big pile that was given to some really slow member of the ad com to read. until i hear a no i am not going to allow myself to panic. hah. easier said then done:) good luck. this process really does try someone's nerves!
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