UCI vs Einstein

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Sep 23, 2022
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I am accepted at UCI and high waitlisted at Einstein. These schools are similarly-ranked and have P/F pre-clinicals and graded clinicals, so that's a wash. Both UCI Health and Montefiore seem very reputable and expansive. I don't know what specialty I want to pursue, although I like using my hands, so anything surgical seems possible. I'm leaning toward Einstein, but I can't decide whether it's automatic, so I need a little insight or insider info before sending a letter of intent.

  • Unbeatable weather and beaches
  • In-state tuition rate
  • I went to college nearby so I'm familiar with LA / Inland Empire, there's plenty of fun things to do in LA
  • New medical center on campus set to open in 2025
  • Fantastic volleyball scene, I play recreationally

  • High COL and student housing isn't guaranteed; total COA ~$300k-340k (no word on fin. aid, can anyone chime in?)
  • Orange County seems very car-dependent and spread-out
  • Hard to find match data for them, although I've heard they match well on the west coast

  • Free tuition and subsidized student housing; total COA ~$140k
  • Dorm life has built-in socialization
  • Very diverse patient population with a lot of community outreach (I've worked with the homeless as a volunteer and as a researcher)
  • Solid match list in NY and the NE in general
  • My best friend is in Manhattan :)

  • Not familiar with NYC and the Bronx in terms of social life or fun activities--this is the biggest unknown for me
  • I've heard the Bronx is very suburban and a bit boring
  • Weather and beaches are undoubtedly worse
  • Clinical sites seem further away
  • I know they are on probation--I believe this will be resolved quickly

Obviously I'm very grateful to have an A, but I don't know if I should take the plunge and send the LOI to Einstein. It was and is my dream school, but I find myself becoming more attracted to UCI each day. I don't know where I will be more "happy."

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Does your family live near UCI, or did you just go to college there? I ask because I'm trying to find a legitimate reason why this would be a question. UCI is a great school, but Einstein is stronger (and this is before the recent news and rise)... and the cost difference is absolutely massive.

If you're admitted, I think it's an easy choice. If not, know that you're still going to a great school regardless - congratulations!
200k = 350k after taxes plus interest. Not really a question unless you're worth high 7 figures already.

If you want a competitive residency in CA after four years in NYC start networking now for where you want to end up.
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