Sep 20, 2019
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Hope everyone is doing well!

I was wondering if there are any UCLA students who can provide more financial aid information / "realistic" amount of loans that students take out. In one of UCLA's financial aid presentations, they mentioned that the average student debt at UCLA is around 230k, but the estimated cost (including living costs, books, instruments, etc) seems a bit higher than that. Does the 230k hold true for you?

Does UCLA provide a decent amount of need/merit based grants and scholarships to their students that make the costs overall less? Also, how expensive is UCLA relative to other schools around the country assuming in state tuition? Thank you!


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Nov 3, 2015
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i think the "average" is artificially low since it likely takes into account the students whose parents pay for tuition and take out zero loans. to get a more true estimate, add up all the fixed costs you can find on the financial aid website like tuition, then add rent (1600/month for ucla grad housing), ~15k for the D1 dental kit (not included in tuition), and "x" amount you think you'll spend for food. In the first and second year you'll have to buy a dental kits (~15k each year), but there's no kit you need to buy in your third and four year.

you could take out more loans than you think you'll need and return any extra $ before the next year. i believe any funds you return will have 0% interest.
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