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  1. S

    UCLA costs

    Hope everyone is doing well! I was wondering if there are any UCLA students who can provide more financial aid information / "realistic" amount of loans that students take out. In one of UCLA's financial aid presentations, they mentioned that the average student debt at UCLA is around 230k, but...
  2. G

    UCSF (IS) vs. UPenn vs. UCLA (IS)

    Hi! I am super grateful to be having this issue but it's also pretty stressful...I am applying to HPSP so in the case that I receive the scholarship I would not have to worry about tuition. I am unsure if I want to specialize or not, but I wanted to take the time in dental school to see if I am...
  3. UNCafDDS

    Current state of UCLA patient pool

    Reading over older ULCA threads, I see mention of dental students having trouble finding patients and meeting graduation requirements. Newer threads indicate that the requirements have changed and that the patient pool issue is not as challenging as it used to be. I am not clear on what...
  4. 9

    Finally took the DAT; How competitive of an applicant am I?

    Hello all! Just got out of the DAT, and I’m really happy with my scores! PAT: 22 QR: 18 (kinda disappointed with this one) RC: 20 (surprised by this one) BIO: 20 CHEM: 22 OCHEM: 23 TS: 21 AA: 21 Some more background on me, I’m a junior biochemistry and molecular biology major and I...
  5. C

    7 year BS/DMD or UC Berkeley/UCLA?

    It's pretty darn late in the game for college decisions. But here I am still wondering where I'm going to go. So in your opinion, with your experience, is it better to accept the 7 year BS/DMD offer at a small school that's relatively unexciting but guarantees me a spot at Dental College of...
  6. Cyborg#0

    UCLA vs Columbia

    Hello SDN community, I got into my dream schools Ucla and Columbia but I am on the fence between the two programs. Both are on a H/P/F grading system, and both have reputable faculty and research programs. Yes, there are differences, namely the price tag and lifestyle preference (i.e. west...
  7. F

    HELP! UCLA vs BU Dental School!

    By the grace of God, I have been accepted to both UCLA and BU. BU has offer me a scholarship so the overall cost is fairly close for both schools. I would very much appreicate some personal experiences, insight, and advice. Dental Students, Alumni and ect. Please let me know about BU and UCLA...
  8. S

    DAT + OTHER questions about Dental school!

    Hey guys, I am a junior at UCLA and am majoring in a social science. I am NOT planning on applying to Dental school until June of 2017, but aiming for the next cycle. I've taken Anatomy, finished the the General Chemistry series, Statistics and am currently enrolled in Biology. (Planning on...
  9. ilovekitkat

    I created GetYourDentistOn.com as a free online mentorship site for pre-dental students! AMA!

    Happy New Years Everyone! My name is Dr. Katherine Loi. I am a current Army Dentist and graduate from USC Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry. As an army dentist, I frequently get asked a lot of questions about how to become a dentist. Using my own experience / frustrations during my...
  10. B

    [URGENT] What Non-Major Electives Should I Take?

    Hello! I am a undergraduate student at UCLA and I was wondering what non-major upper division electives I should take? I have already taken Psychology, Political Science, Sociology, Philosophy. I was thinking some Anthropology course? What do you guys recommend would look good on my application...
  11. T

    When to start studying for DAT!!!

    I am planning on taking the DAT next year and I want to as soon as possible so I can be an early applicant especially since I'm applying out of state to UCLA. When would be a good time to start studying or when should I take the DAT because school and finals end the last week of April and idk...
  12. L

    For Sale UCLA School of Dentistry license plate

    Selling a UCLA School of Dentistry license plate - $35. Excellent condition. I live in Westwood so we can set up a time to meet. Please email me as I don't check this forum ([email protected]). Thanks.
  13. F

    Pre-dental student applying next cycle please help

    Hey Guys, So I currently go to a CSU and I have an overall gpa of about 3.8 and a science gpa of about 3.65 ... I haven't taken the DAT yet but I am planning on applying to dental school next cycle. I have about 400 hours of shadowing/interning at a dental office. I really want to get into...