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Apr 6, 2004
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Has anyone here done their post-bac through UCLA extension? Did you have problems getting recs from professors? I noticed they have a certificate program in Introductory Science that covers the necessary premed classes.

I'm just trying to come to a decision about Harvard or UCLA extension. I live in CA so moving to MA is the hurdle and will cost $$ could be using for med school apps and the like down the road. But of course, the committee letter and advisor at HES is the benefit UCLA doesn't look like it has.

$.02 appreciated.


you rock!
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May 2, 2002
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i also had the same question.

how hard is it to take the classes you want in the quarter you want (time is a constraint for me). i know that extension students usually get "last dibs" on classes (if there's room, you can enroll). i'm coming from a different pt, since i already took my premed classes but want to take a few more upper divs.
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