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Jun 25, 2014
Hi all, I am very interested in attending UCLA's SMDEP and was wondering if anyone has any current information on what it's like getting in, as well as other recommendations based on my stats. I am a California resident.

2014-2015 California Community College: [4.0 GPA]
19.5 credits in social sciences, humanities, language, physical education, etc. (GE)
Calculus I & II
Animal Biology (1 of 3 in a biology series)
Total of 34.5 units completed

Currently a Sophomore at Arizona State University with a Microbiology major:
General Biology 1
General Chemistry 1
Statistics for Biological Sciences
English 102
Vice President of the ASU Global Dental Brigades, en route to Honduras this summer.

What are my chances of getting into this program, should I be looking at other programs? What do they look for? Anybody have any experiences?
Thanks in advance


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Jul 25, 2012
I'd look at others just to be safe, because I know from experience that they strongly prefer applicants from underprivileged circumstances and minorities. If that's you the nevermind, you should be ok.
Oct 19, 2015
For anyone that has participated in the program before, what are my chances of being accepted into the sites if I do not come from a financially disadvantaged background? I have lived in a rural area where a majority of my school was low-income but my family has always been pretty well off. If I mention this on my application can it be used to my advantage or will they deny?