1. Mingos

    Does Yale and Duke still do SHPEP (new SMDEP)?

    It's weird because I've been reading through the forums and the Yale SMDEP website (it seems current) and I'm confused whether or not they still do it. If they don't, is there a similar new program at these institutions?
  2. FutureDoc9729

    Duke Summer Biomedical Sciences Institute 2017 (old smdep)

    Hello! I am a 2017 Cohort of the sbsi program at Duke and I made this thread with hopes of meeting everyone who is attending .
  3. FutureDoc9729

    Duke Summer Biomedical Sciences Institute (sbsi)

    Hello ! I did not see a thread for this program so I decided to make one.
  4. L

    Virginia SMLP summer program

  5. P

    Official SHPEP 2017 Forum

    Hey! Is anyone applying to SHPEP, or has anyone already applied? Which program sites are you applying to / have already applied to? What have you heard about certain program sites? This forum is to help and encourage SHPEP applicants share stats, acceptances / denials, application tips...
  6. P

    Official SMDEP 2017 Thread

    Hi guys, I made this thread for all those who are applying to SMDEP 2017. Post your stats. And if anyone that applied before got accreted please help others by posting your stats and the schools you got accepted. Thank you and good luck.

    Summer Dental Opportunities?

    Hey, Everyone! I'll be starting as freshman undergrad this coming fall and I was looking ahead for some research opportunities that I could possibly be eligible for NEXT summer. I ran across one called: Summer Medical Dental Education Program. Which specifically mentions minorities and...
  8. M

    Smdep 2016 Thread

    I have been accepted into the Smdep program in Houston. I'm excited to see where everyone else were accepted at, so if you have been admitted to the program for summer 2016, please post where you have been accepted.
  9. P

    Programs like SMDEP for juniors/seniors (dental)

    I found out about the program after I graduated from my CC as a sophomore with 61 credits. I am now transferring to my 4 year uni and was wondering if there are any programs formatted like that one for the second half of undergrad?? If there are, are any of them abroad? It doesn't have to be I...
  10. LindaAccepted

    Medical SMDEP – All You Need to Know

    Have plans for the summer? SMDEP, or the Summer Medical and Dental Education Program, is a free six-week program for freshman and sophomore undergrads from demographics underrepresented in medicine and dentistry. As you probably already know, there are loads of other premed summer...
  11. AAMC Pre-med

    Free Virtual Medical School Fair on February 4, 2016

    Join the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) February 4th from 12pm to 8pm EST to live chat with admissions reps from 25 medical schools to learn more about what makes their programs unique. You’ll be able to ask them anything from application requirements to financial aid options...
  12. M

    What should I do to improve my application?

    Hello, this is my first post here on SDN so here it goes.... Currently I am a junio at UMaryland college park I started out my pre-med journey at community college which I 1/2 & 1/2 regret. But this was only because of financial reasons. I am a first generation college student. URM AA female...
  13. N


    Hi all, I am very interested in attending UCLA's SMDEP and was wondering if anyone has any current information on what it's like getting in, as well as other recommendations based on my stats. I am a California resident. 2014-2015 California Community College: [4.0 GPA] 19.5 credits in social...