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UCONN vs. University of Miami

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by blueeyes22, May 9, 2008.

  1. blueeyes22


    May 9, 2008
    I am having such a difficult time deciding between UConn and the University of Miami. The schools have the same general ranking, but are different in so many ways. UConn is smaller (class of 80 students), is in Farmington (small town), does a lot of PBL, and 3rd and 4th year rotations are done throughout the state of connecticut and in neighboring states since the hospital at the medical center is really small. Miami, on the other hand, is a lot larger (170 students in the first year class), is in a big city like Miami, does mostly lectures instead of smaller group discussions, and all rotations are done at the medical center there because it is HUGE. I would be paying out-of-state tuition at both of them, but UConn would end up being much much cheaper. I'm used to having big classes and I think Miami would be a fun place to live. And I think Miami is doing a lot to make improvements to the school to increase their rankings, and they are starting to put more emphasis on international health which is something that I'm really interested in. Miami doesn't have a second look, so I only spent a day there, but I went to UConn's second look weekend and really liked the school, I'm just hesitant about being at such a small school in a small town. Does anyone have any insight on either of the two schools?
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  3. Giddyup5

    Giddyup5 Junior Member 5+ Year Member

    Jun 21, 2006
    being a state resident of CT id choose uconn for the financial reasons.

    I have no experience with miami besides going there on vacation soo can't really comment.

    But UConn is a great school. The biggest complaint most people have is the location. I'm not gonna lie...farmington/hartford is by nooooo means miami. It is a small suburb and hartford is not that great of a city.

    The education at both school is probably even. That said, if you have a interest in international medicine Miami def has an advantage. Also, I've noticed that many people who go to UConn stay in the New England area(they naturally have a strong connection with programs in new england). Maybe that should also be in your consideration when it comes to where you eventually want to do your residency and eventually find a job.

    Right now im on the waiting list at uconn. As of now i'll be going to jefferson in philly. If money was equal, I'd choose Jefferson hands down. Med school is gonna be extremely hard and difficult; however, the little free time we will have it will be nice to be in a city where you can really have some fun. Plus the diversity of cases you see in a major city im guessing does not compare to UConn.

    I hope some of this helps....good luck in your decision. PM me if you have any questions.
  4. realjara

    realjara 2+ Year Member

    May 2, 2008

    Did you get an acceptance to Miami main campus only? I am attending Miami-Boca campus, because of the small class size. But, I still think both Miami campuses have a lot to offer. So come join us! You can't beat Florida weather!!
  5. Pinkertinkle

    Pinkertinkle 2003 Member 10+ Year Member

    Oct 16, 2003
    Miami all the way. Lectures>PBL. As 90% of people who've sat through it can tell you, PBL sucks. Sunshine > snow. Florida > Northeast
  6. greg1184

    greg1184 10+ Year Member

    Dec 9, 2006
    I can only attest to Miami. Jackson Memorial Hospital is the ideal environment to learn to be a doctor, mainly because of the diversity of patients and diseases diseases. They will prepare you for residency to the point that residency won't be as big of a shock. This last statement comes straight out of the mouths of students.

    I am sure both schools have their pros and cons. In the end it is up to you.
  7. DrZeke

    DrZeke yzarc gniog ylwolS 10+ Year Member

    Apr 25, 2005
    So...instead of just about where you want to live, ask yourself if you have specific needs that you feel will be met better at one of the schools. For example, do you want guidance, mentorship, board prep or hand holding? Are those things important to you? Is the emphasis on pre-clinical curriculum important to you or do you only care about what you do in clinical years? I can't speak of UConn, but I can speak of Miami, because I go there :) (yay!) I love my school, but I will be the first to tell you that it has really helped me that I am not afraid to ask for help or talk to faculty and even big-shot researchers. Everyone at Miami is really approachable, but you have to make the first step. I think that's awesome, because most of life is like that, but some people want more personalized attention out of their medical school. This is just an example or one of the things you could consider about both schools....

    But if you have specific questions, feel free to PM me, but this is my ADVICE:

    The schools are ranked essentially the same, so that won't make a difference. Concentrate on figuring out who you are and what things at your undergrad made you happy and what you look for in school. What services did you really benefit from? Does one school do the student services thing better than the other. Screw what people say about PBL, do you like that learning style? Do you like seeing patients from all over the world and seeing really poor people at an overloaded hospital or are you more traditional and want the majority of your patients to understand english? :) Seriously, I'm not making fun, I'm just telling you take a good look at yourself and what you really like and go with your gut. In the end, miami is an awesome school, but I definitely didn't come here for first 2 years. Also Miami is a fun place to party and the weather is always great, but you can party anywhere and plenty of people go to school up north. The fact that UConn has an official second look weekend kind of speaks volumes to me about their school, but that's my personal opinion. In the end, if I liked a school that much at the second look weekend and the PRICETAG was hot, I'd take it, but again, ask yourself some questions and then try and make the decision.

    Good luck!!

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