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Apr 21, 2004
Who is going to UConn or is attending UConn now?
Please give feedback on admissions, student life, the dental program, etc.


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Oct 9, 2003
I'm going to UConn - can't wait. :)
There is too much info and i don't know what you want to know about it, but so far, it's been already great and everyone is very helpful. Seems like connections will be pretty tight with med students for the 1st year at least (p.s. and i'll room with a med student - she is awesome!). I like how the academics of learning the material are set up, but that is only my personal opinion: they set it up by themes(organ systems), so you learn everything about particular part from microbiology of it to biochem, pharmacology, etc (i'm still yet to experience it:) ). Admissions i think are looking a lot not only into your credentials, but also whether you will fit in the place or not. Will you survive barely a small class size of 40 students, or rather love it because it so small? Subrubian area - are you from the city? Well, i love the city atmosphere (Boston, NYC, Washington, Phily), but for dental school, it is not the time for me to go out or be distracted by all the things that i can do - I will try to concentrate and get it right (unlike my undergrad years-wish me luck). Every other info you can get from the website or ask me more specifically, and I will try my best, at least in regards to what i know for now. You can also search the info about UConn from older months, cause that is how I learned more and more about it - there were few students replying to us, who are studying now.
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