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Marquette vs UConn

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Jan 7, 2020
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Hello all,
I have been fortunate enough to get accepted to multiple schools.
A little background about me: I am from the east coast and leaning towards general dentistry/public health dentistry. I am considering applying for the NHSC scholarship.


Urban location in Milwaukee
Cheap cost of living ( I don't mind moving to the Midwest)
Good clinical experience, grads feel comfortable enough practicing

Larger class size (100)

Safety of the area
Not as much updated technology as UCONN
Possibly $80k more expensive than UCONN (still cheap compared to most US schools for OOS) or free if I receive the NHSC scholarship

Pass/fail curriculum
Cheap cost of living and COA
Updated technology

Smaller class size (52)

Suburban location in Farmington
TBL and medical curriculum
Not as clinically focused, many students do a GPR/AEGD after graduation

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UConn amigo, not even worth more than a second of thought. One of the best schools in the nation.

The “prepared for practice” is nonsense. No offense, but you’re a pre-dent who has no idea what life is like on the other side. I knew people with great training who did residencies, and people who barely did anything in school and success fully went straight into practice.

UCONN is pass/fail and cheap. GO GO GO.
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P/F school would be heavenly, especially if you ever consider specializing. There is a lot less pressure in P/F schools. Updated technology is a good thing, too; I know Marquette's simlab is in rougher shape (in the basement), however, their clinic where they treat patients is beautiful. I would probably lean towards UCONN if I were you.