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For those of you who have checked ucsd's status page and found that you have had a secondary requested of you but were never notified about it I emailed the admissions office and here is what they replied.

Dear Mr.

We had a problem with all emails sent the same day yours was approved. You may have a two week extension from today (9/27) to submit your secondary application. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Admissions Office
UCSD School of Medicine "

The status page indicated that they requested a secondary from me on 9/5/02

If the same thing has happened to you it might be on your best interest to email them so they give you an exact due date. (not that you would wait until then to send.) But by having an exact due date if for some reason they come back to you about not having the secondary in on time you have an email about when your exact due date was and hopefully a copy of your certificate of mailing to prove to them it was on time.

Just trying to cover all my bases. (Last year Vandy lost my secondary after I interviewed there. Luckily I keep copies and have certificates of mailing for everything as proof.)

just my $0.02
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