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Feb 26, 2012
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Hey all,

I was recently accepted into the UCSF dental post bac, however I know little about the program beyond what is on their webpage. I have tried searching online for it, and even contacting current students, however I have had no luck in finding more info. on it.

Does anyone have any information they could provide me with the program? I am curious to know how many people have moved on from the post bac to their dental school.



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Oct 22, 2010
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I met a few post-baccs during the Impressions Conference last month, and the info I'm goign to provide for you hear is what I learned about them and the program during that UCSF Impressions event.

They are very involved in the UCSF dental program from what I could tell. I think they even helped plan the conference. Also, they are each given a massive community service/research project to do over the course of their post-bacc year in addition to classes through UCBX. Also, they are each assigned mentors (current dentists, ucsf profs, etc) to help them throughout the year. It's very small (perhaps selective?) program that only has about 6-7 people in it currently.
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