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Sep 20, 2007
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hello drpatels,
don't get depressed....i got mine too ur not alone ...i'm with u:oops:and can relate to it.

La fea

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May 6, 2008
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hi everyone,
i m really disappointed after getting my first rejection from ucsf.
My stats are nbde 89,toefl 110,gpa3.4.I am a fresh applicant,dont know where it went wrong,am not even in any alternate list,thought they dont reject people just put them in high n medium prority lists,wat do u think????I know i didnt do my practical very well but is it wat only matters in california schools.It is so hard to reach interviews n get a rejection,pls suggest wat to do.

I know it hurts a lot. Been there, done that.
But rejection is a part of this process. I challenge you to show me 1 successful person who has not failed/not been rejected.
You have good stats..consider east coast schools.
Consider doing dental asistantship in the US and practice your hand skills.


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Dec 21, 2007
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hey, just to pep u up a bit.....i have about a year of exp and was interviewed at colorado earlier this year and did miserably....i nicked the adjacent tooth, my class 2 was wide and the axial wall was placed too mesially, I have not been trained to prep gold crowns and had it on the exam, so u can imagine what the prep looked like, sine i had no concepts of gold crown,,,...i have been practicing at a dental clinic here for some time now..and am glad to say that i have been accepted that michigan and UOP and waitlisted at UCLA....
basically, practice, seek critic from dentists(more than 1 if possible)...try and evaluate your prep ...know the criteria and c how to check for them...good luck..
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