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Aug 23, 2002
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Originally posted by Phaedrus
Does anyone know how many people receive UCSF secondaries?

They say that they interview about 500 people so I'm just wondering.

Thanks a lot.

Isn't their first pass by computer cutoff?



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Jul 12, 2002
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This is not exactly on topic, but his is what UCSF says on their status check website about secondaries:

AMCAS Data and UC Application Received
Thank you for applying to the University of California San Francisco School of Medicine. Your file is ready for review to determine if you will be selected to submit a secondary application. If you are selected to receive a secondary application, it should be posted to this website within approximately 10 weeks.

10 weeks?? People definitely have gotten secondaries sooner than that. I thought this was just a strange statement. Wait, maybe they mean that's the maximum amount of time it'll take to get a response.
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Aug 13, 2002
Their website says 4100 applications received, 1400 secondaries sent out, 500 interviews offered.


Does anyone have an idea what their cut off stats for secondaries might be? I heard from a fairly unreliable source that they won't send you a secondary if your MCAT writing sample is below a P. I bombed mine, so I'm a little wary of applying there.

Do you think the admissions office would just tell me what the cut off is if I called 'em up? Hmmmm....



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Feb 7, 2002

Hopefully I can be of some help. In the past, there are between 4500 and 5000 primary applications that are received. From those, they send secondaries to 1400-1500 applicants. Secondary selections are based on gpa, mcat, PERSONAL STATEMENT, background (disadvantaged/ethnicity/etc), leadership qualities, etc. They use a point system to do this. This means that tons of unique experiences and a great personal statment can make up for gpa and mcat scores. They still have to be very competitive, but believe me, just b/c your gpa and mcat are below the averages published..that doesn't mean that you don't have a chance. I waited about 8 weeks to get a secondary (from the day my UC application and AMCAS were successfully filed). After the secondary, it took 7 weeks or so to get an interview invitation.

A little aside..I am just about to complete my first week of orientation as an MSI. I have been nothing but impressed by my classmates. The range of interests and backgrounds is awesome. I feel really honored to be considered their peer. On the first day of orientation we were given some statistics..to the best of my memory..I will share them

4700 application -----------> 141 matriculants
57% female
18% URM
25% checked disadvantaged on their application
70% took a year OR MORE off of school before applying
Age range: 20-35
Avg.Age: 25

I was really surprised that 70% of us took a year of more off either after undergrad, during undergrad, or before undergrad. I guess that kind of makes sense when I consider how much so many of them have accomplished. So many of us came from families where we were the first college graduates, and I'm sure that even more than 25% overcame some pretty incredible odds to even become a successful premedical student.

Anyway, I hope that these little factoids help you get some understanding of the application process as well as the general make-up of the class. So far, I am really enjoying myself..but I'll see how I feel once I am submerged in Prologue, which starts of monday.

Best of luck to all of you.


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Apr 22, 2002
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While we are talking about the UC schools, does anyone know the number of secondaries given out as compared to the number of interviews for UCLA?
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