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uermers..(all medical students in the phil would do)

Discussion in 'China and Eastern Asia' started by adjvoledoc, May 10, 2007.

  1. adjvoledoc


    Mar 3, 2007
    hello an incoming 1st year medical student in uermmc.i started this thread because i want to learn more about the school and i want to know what i could do to stay a step ahead.any insight about the school is greatly appreciated..Questions:is joining organizations beneficial especially when applying for residency abroad?when do i start preparing for the usmles?what is the percentage of ue graduates taking rotations in the us?what are the subjects/courses in the 1st year?is it true that there is a test every monday for 1st year medical students?:scared: ...i have so many questions i would like to ask. but i hope you understand whats this thread is about.thanks.
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  3. gtiart


    Apr 18, 2007
    I'm not in an org so I don't know of any benefits that people get besides getting old notes and such. They hold a lot of events during the school year so they can raise funds to go on medical missions. Expect to devote some of your time to help organize those events if you do join.

    First year subjects
    Anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, histology are the main ones. These will be covered by organ system so you'll start with an overview of the normal person, then move on to hematology-immunology, neurology, musculoskeletal, cardio, respy, GIT, renal, endocrine and reproductive system. Other subjects covered during first year include history of medicine, preventive medicine, human life cycle, patient-doctor and then epidemiology/research methods.

    Students used to worry about exams every monday when the curriculum was problem-based learning. However, UERM switched to the traditional style of learning last school year so you'll only have to worry about exams every month or two. You'll have separate exams for anatomy, biochem and physio.

    I think one of the best ways to start preparing for it is to thoroughly learn everything the first time around so when it does come time to study for the exam, you're just reviewing the material, not just re-learning it. Also get a copy of First Aid for the USMLE step 1 and go through it along with your courses throughout your first year so you'll know what's important for the exam.

    Not sure about your other questions. Hope this helps!

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