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UHS interview

Discussion in 'Medical Students - DO' started by BamaAlum, Oct 28, 2001.

  1. BamaAlum

    10+ Year Member

    Jun 5, 2001
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    Hello everyone,
    I am scheduled for an interview at UHS on November 19th. I was just wondering if anyone had any insight to what the interview was like. I know they accept about 85-90% of those interviewed, but this is my first interview and I am extremely nervous. Any current students or recent acceptees give me the scoop. Thanks.
  2. Atlas

    Atlas Senior Member
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    Feb 27, 2001
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    Fellow [Any Field]
    Congrats! Check out interviewfeedback.com

    Best of luck
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  3. Miss Celie Blues

    Miss Celie Blues Junior Member
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    Mar 31, 2001
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    Don't worry at all, the people at UHS really make the effort to make you as relaxed as possible for the entire day. They have a very strong pre-screening process so yes, they do in fact accept most of the applicants who get interviews. They even emphasise that at the start of the day and that you should not feel like you are in competition with the other applicants there with you. If this helps at all, just be calm, they just want to make sure that you are not some kind of freak, basically that you do have adequate social skills. If you are a good person who can hold a conversation, you really have nothing to worry about. Like everyone says, just be yourself. The interview I had was extremely laid back, nothing interrogating or difficult to deal with. So best of luck to you, just getting the interview is a big step in itself!
  4. mompremed

    mompremed Senior Member
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    Oct 20, 2000
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    While the first part of this is true in all cases I think, I found the second part not to be true in my case -- I hear in other cases possibly as well, at least on my interview day. My interview was positively brutal: not one thing I said was accepted or acceptable. It was made worse because I was not prepared for an allopathic-type interview, so I didn't have a good night's sleep under my belt and was coming off my heavy work stretch (I have a heavy alternating with a light) interspersed with a round of midterms. Had I known I could end up with a combative interview, I would have moved heaven and earth to get off work the night before and gotten a good night's sleep at least.

    As it was, I was totally unprepared and did not advocate for myself very well, therefore (I think) I was placed on the alternate list. So.....my advice is:

    Be prepared for a tough interview just in case. IMHO a tough interview is when they take your most positive experiences and try to force you to make or see something negative about it. Something they never talk about on interviewfeedback.com, but which I had - ad infinitum and ad nauseum - at both KU and UHS about everything I ever mentioned on my apps and supplementals. (O.K. that is a SLIGHT exaggeration, but only a slight one.)

    If you're an older (non-traditional) student, be prepared to defend that you can handle the academic workload of med school even though you didn't take 17-18 semester hours while mom and dad supported you. (Older students often have to work while going to school and can't take more than 12 hours at a time.) This is exactly why they placed me on the alternate list and had I known that was a concern, I might have defended myself better when the question came up during my interview....I think I could have persuaded them that my ability to put in 16-20 hour days for days and weeks and even months at a time while carrying a returning GPA of 3.6 might mean I can handle JUST going to school - even something as tough as med school, especially since I literally "soak up" everything related to medicine, anyway.

    DO relax and enjoy the day, however. The students are wonderful and in every case do everything to make you feel welcome....and besides you may get an interview like the one frangi had. (And YOU'll be prepared in case you don't!)

    Most of all: Do whatever you have to do to GET A GOOD NIGHT'S SLEEP!!!!!

    Good Luck!
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  5. Mompremed I'd be interested to know who interviewed you email me [email protected]

    Anyway you gave good advice. The schedule in the new program (Genesis) is very demanding more so than our curicuulum. So know how to handle stress. Also give some examples of patient contact, any OMT you can add will help you out. Also know
    [1]Why DO[2] Why UHS (it's one of the 3 oldest schools, new systems learning approach mimicks Standford U) [3] Why aren't you satisfied with your current job etc..

    Come up with a list of questions yourself
    Ask them
    [1] About the clinical trials going on at UHS
    [2] About the research day at UHS and their involvemnt
    [3] About the faculty mentoring program each MS1 is given a faculty advisor and a MS2 student as an advisor
    [4] In all their experience what have they seen as good indicators of success of students.

    [5] Why they chose UHS as a place to work why they like KCity any Royals fans in the audience? Basically if you're a Yankee fan and you get accepted you'll convert is always a good answer.

    But seriously compliments go a long way. If you can find out who you are interviewing with ask your tour guides for the scoop on the prof's. Or get a copy of the year book and find out for yourself. Tour the scool by youself the day before and pester the librarians they are great sources of info. In the cafeteria is the monthly newsletters.

    Good luck
    :) D

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