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Jan 26, 2002
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I will be a first year this August at UHS. I was wondering how much you all actually used your textbooks? I don't wanna spend all that money if we aren't even going to use our books that much.

Also, for those of you that have Slice of Life Laser Disk players, how much did you use those? I am really interested in them, but I don't wanna spend the bucks if it will just sit and collect dust!!!

Just curious......thanks!!


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Well, first of all you are going to get a lot of varied responses from different people. It really depends upon knowing how you study/learn. I have gone my past two years with an anatomy atlas, a histology book, embryology, mosby's physical exam and a dictionary. That's about it and I really don't think that I needed any of those either. I didn't use them. I did just fine in school without them. However, I know that I study by reading lecture notes and by taking my own notes. There are lots of people on the other end of the spectrum that buy every single book at the bookstore and probably read quite a bit of them. I'm sorry that this isn't very helpful.

Slice of life is a waste of money to buy for your personal use. There are enough machines on campus for everyone to use. The majority of path questions seem to come from the old carousel slides in the library anyway - not slice.

A lot of people buy the board review books instead of the full texts.

Relax, there will be a ton of used books for sale from other students when you get here. Enjoy your summer.

I second everything that Cynthia said. I am like her, wherein, I do not use textbooks much at all, because, most everything that you will need to know for the exams are in the lecture handouts. Also, like Cynthia said, DO NOT buy an expensive Slice of Life player. In fact, I didn't even use the Slice machines all that much (hint- go over and over the slide carousels that ERF puts up in the library after the lecture has been given because those are some of his best pictures, so more than likely, many of the gross or histo slides that you will see on his extremely difficult path practicals will be slides that are somewhat like the ones presented in his lectures. I don't mean to scare you, but ERF is tough and rightly so, hey, it's pathology!!! You will learn so much from him, though. There's my 2cents, hope it helps. By the way, I am thinking that I may be a tutor, for Biochem I think, in SLEP program this summer. Maybe some of you UHS '06ers here on SDN will be going to one of the SLEP weeks, so I may meet you then. Until then, enjoy your summer and get plenty of rest and relaxation!

Nathan Box, MSII
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Thanks for your replies MSIIs! :)

One more book question--I've heard that the Robbins Pathology text is a must-have...what do you think? Would it have made Pathology easier? Or is it a waste of money/time, beyond studying the lecture notes?

Thanks again!

Thanks to everyone with the advice. I know you have advised against it, but I may go ahead and get at least some of the required texts. I have some deal about having a plethora of reference books. I hardly ever used my undergrad texts either, but have kept them all, thinking that I can use them later for reference.
I will probably get Netter's for anatomy, Robbins for path, at least one histology, embryology, biochem, and most of the ostepathic/OMM books.