UIC and Rush Waitlists

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Dec 16, 2002
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Has anyone heard anything about these waitlists? Am curious if there has been any movement and/or how long we should all expect to wait before hearing anything. Thanks for any info and good luck

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There is already a thread for the Rush wait list.
FYI- i am turning down an acceptance from UIC Chicago campus today... good luck
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I just dropped my spot at Chicago also....good luck.

anxiousmed-if you're reading this, CLEAN OUT YOUR PMs!
i just got rejected post interview from uic...i got the letter yesterday...i interviewed on 1/17:(.
I know that the waitlist at UIC must have started to move, I heard from them the other day.
hey explosivo, thanks.....i had no clue it was fulllll.......i just deleted a whole bunch of old pms........how do we know if its full? thanks for the tip.....