UMass v Tufts

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Apr 15, 2024
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Hi! I feel very fortunate to be in a position where I am so conflicted. I would really appreciate some advice on deciding between these two schools and understanding what factors to take into consideration.

I don't have the financial information from either school yet and I think I'll hold my final decision until I get that. I am interested in OB/Gyn or Family Med and I am hoping to eventually stay/match in the Northeast (hopefully in Boston). I am on one waitlist at Brown but I have no idea if/how that will factor into my decision.


- In-state tuition
- Lower COL
- PURCH program (I'm really interested in pop health plus I've heard good things about Baystate as a teaching hospital and I'd do all my core clerkships there)
- Community feel (houses, etc) and students seem genuinely really happy
- P/F, lectures not mandatory
- WIN weeks!!

- Worcester (not really vibing with the city/not a lot to do)
- Will have to move to Springfield during M2 (more remote/even less of a city feel) - because of PURCH
- Need to get a car in MS1 and drive to Springfield weekly (1 hour drive) - because of PURCH


- Boston (medical/healthcare hub in terms of opportunities)
- Closer to family and friends - I went to undergrad in Boston so I know the area and really like it
- P/F, lectures no mandatory
- High clinical reputation according to the students/faculty
- Programs of interest (Health Justice Scholars, Global Health Programs)
- Layman's prestige?? Not sure that this is really something to consider but idk

- High tuition (at second look the students said that they plan to use the PSLF to pay off their loans and not be too concerned about tuition but I don't know too much about that)
- High COL
- Will have to travel around for clinical rotations/get a car at that point

Overall, I think I am conflicted because both schools seem like a great fit for me and I want to make the right choice. I have my hangups about the location of UMass but I don't know how much of a factor that should be in my decision especially because I think the PURCH program is a great opportunity.

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Not understanding the recent dislike towards UMass on these forums but I have never been to Worcester so can't say anything about that lol.

UMass is higher ranked, not just in research but also primary care so for OB-GYN and Family Med, this would be a perfect combination. In terms of medical prestige (and maybe even layman), it beats out Tufts and is cheaper in your case. Take the lower COL and enjoy a slow life with weekend trips to Boston :))
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