UMass vs McGovern

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Jun 4, 2023
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I am having a dilemma on what I should choose. Originally, McGovern was my number 1 choice when I started the application. It was the first school I got an interview at and also was the first medical school I did a visit to. However, I was WL up until this week. I was planning on attending UMass and had already found a house with roommate and was set on going to UMass. I still feel like I will choose UMass; however, I feel conflicted because McGovern was my "dream" school when I applied. I got into many other schools that were my reach schools (which I am very fortunate about) and thus has really changed how I rank the schools.

1. Better match list. UMass has a stronger match list a higher institutions and I feel would allow me choose more of the area I want to live in
2. Curriculum: I really love the Win weeks UMass has set up as well as having preclinicals pass fail. I know there is still an internal ranking, but it's nice to know have that adjustment period and not have to really worry about grades.
3. Living: I would be living less than 5 mins via walking to school. I feel like that is a huge plus to me because I am a little lazy and I feel like it's not inconvenient to go to the school and study (which I prefer).
4. My partners family lives here. I know that it's very important to him to stay close to his family.

1. I just don't know if I want to stay in Masschusetts for the rest of my live and I feel like going to UMass I will be trapped.
2. Slightly more expensive
3. Area: Not being in a major city isn't my number one choice.

1. Area: I would much rather live in Houston. The food and being in a big city is more of my vibe. I also would love being in the TMC and being surrounded by some of the best hospitals. Also the weather is way better.
2. Research: I feel like there would be more opportunities available being at a bigger hospital location and having the TMC
3. Family: Most of my family lives in Houston. It would be great living close to them and being able to spend holidays together.
4. Diversity: I feel that Houston will have a more diverse student population and patient population.
5. Cost: the cost will be around 10-15k cheaper a year.

1. Match list isn't as competitive going to high caliber programs.
2. Curriculum is only pass fail for the first semester
3. Traffic. there is always traffic in Houston at any prime hour.

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