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    Can anyone who's interviewed here or knows anything about the program please share what they know? Thanks!
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    Appeared to be strong program in my opinion. The only weaknesses, in my opinion, was the lacking of Peds Hearts and a relatively new regional pain service. The UMass Hosp is very nice and there is a brand-new research complex, for those who are so inclined. It is mid-sized program. I also interviewed for the IM prelim year. So far, of all of the IM prelims I have interviewed for, this is my favorite.

    The physicians I met were all, with one exception, very friendly, down to earth and appeared to very much into teaching. The one exception was a bit arrogant and spent too much of my interview time espousing his own virtues. However, there is no doubt that he is very knowledgable and most likely a strong teacher.

    The residents I met were definitely happy and did not appear to be even close to overworked or fatigued. The call and overall schedule was in line with most of the other programs I have seen.

    Worcester seemed to be an OK place. It is rather larger than I desire, but you can easily live out of the city and commute. It is close enough to Boston for day trips by car or train. But not so close that the housing is exorbitant. And, how can you bitch about living in New England for Christ's sake?

    Overall, I see it as a very strong program and I plan to rank it highly on my ROLIC.
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    interviewed there last year and didn't really like the program. didn't get to see any of their residents since they were all stuck in the or. saw only one resident who spent 10 minutes with us before having to get back to work. also did not feel too enthused about living in worcester. being close to boston was the biggest plus.

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