Feb 10, 2013
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New brunswick left a better impression, but I don't know about hours
UMDNJ-NJMS Newark -- The current PD (very well liked) is most likely leaving for personal reasons, and the APD is going to take over. They seem to have a pretty dynamic didactic schedule, and split time between Hackensack (beautiful, busy/rapid turnover private hospital) and Univ Hospital (slower, academic type place). No fellowships. Level 1 Trauma, I believe. I've heard students from there say getting some numbers is an issue, but this is unconfirmed.

UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson New Brunswick -- Large, modern academic complex of hospitals. Busy children's hospital, has fellowships (at least Cardiac). The residents said they worked long hours (65+ on avg), and had weak didactics. Area is young/fun, college aged as Rutgers is next door.

St. Josephs -- Community hospital in an inner-city area, but close to some nice suburban NJ areas and Manhattan is accessible via GW bridge not too far away. Hospital seems to have resources; the ORs are all-new and very modern, within brand new Critical Care tower. Pyxis in every OR. I believe its Level 1 Trauma as well. Chairman and PD are very friendly, as are most of the faculty and staff. They do a good amount of regional, ortho, and peds/neuro.


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Oct 22, 2006
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I worked for a month with some of the St. Joseph's residents and would advise avoiding this program at all costs. I didn't even apply. Residents were miserable and most attendings were unsupportive of residents and demeaning to them. In fact some of the attendings were afraid of the most senior guys because they would yell at/humiliate partner track attendings openly. The only nice one is the PD but he does nothing to prevent the bad environment. Resident clock hours of about 65-70 per week and I believe q3 call. Residents were encouraged to do all procedures "one way" with little compromise. Mostly foreign medical graduates from India and IMGs in the program. Didactics quality was poor and at beginning of day-- compromised half the time by patients being ready to go into the OR.
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