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Jun 27, 2018
About me: I wanna go into Med-Peds or just straight Pedd. I do enjoy research but I definitely don’t see myself being the physician-scientist types. Academic medicine might be in my future, specifically working on admissions commmiteess to increase diversity at med schools. I always planned on getting my MPH, just hate the thought of taking a year of med school. Ultimately, I wanna go to a school that will allow me to get my top match choice (preferably CHOP).

  • Near home, family, SO
  • I REALLY like their curriculum
  • Really amazing scholarship offer
  • I’m familiar with NY just not LI
  • Brand new facilities
  • True pass/fail
  • Feinstein has great research opportunities

  • Still kind of a new med school, not much history there if we’re being honest
  • Seems there’s a lack of diversity
  • I’m not sure how I feel about no multiple choice exams
  • I really hate snow and i’m a new driver so that’s nerve wracking for me
  • I didn’t really vibe with any of the interviewees on my interview day
  • COL is high (but the scholarship makes up for it)

  • 2 degrees MD & MPH
  • The curriculum for the MD/MPH program is really great and I like that it’s a smaller cohort
  • Miami would be a super fun place to live
  • Has great diversity
  • Really liked the people I met

  • Far from my home, SO, family (but I have one family member in west florida)
  • The scholarship money they gave me might just barely cover my rent
  • COL is high
  • Older facilities
  • Not pass/fail

Summary: All in all, Hofstra is the logical choice but I kinda wanna get away from the Northeast for once in my life lol. Also, the MPH in four years is a huge asset in my opinion.


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Apr 7, 2018
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Miami will be P/F for the next incoming class. I’m a current MD/MPH student who moved far away from family/friends/SO when I could have lived closer, but I have no regrets thus far. The students in MD/MPH are a tight knit group, and the friends I’ve made in the program have provided me with the support system to get through, at least so far!
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Nov 19, 2018
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we're pretty serious. he's applying to master's programs next year as well so i don't wanna be too far aka miami

It sounds like the choice is obvious then :)

Also, if I'm honest, at the risk of trivializing your cons for Hofstra, they really don't sound bad at all; "multiple choice exams, new driver, high COL (which is more than made up for by your scholarship)." Those all sounds like things you can easily get past.
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