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May 20, 2002
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I heard a lot about UNC and when I got a chance to see i liked the school too. I think UNC has great reputation and good clinicals too. But, i was very disappointed by couple of things.

1. The way the interviews were held.
2. The part 1 scores of National boards.

Interview Format: There were 3 1-on-1 interviews. I had one student interview and 2 Faculty interviews. Each lasted roughly 15 min's.

The distribution between in-state and Out-state is 80%-20%. There are round about 80 total seats. Out of which roughly 12 are for out-of-state applicants.

I knew these stats before hand but the thing that pissed me off was the first question the interviewer was asking me was whether i was in-state or out-state. I felt one of the interviewers hardly read my file. Once i answered out-state i felt they hardly showed any interest in me.

They had invited 61 people in their first batch. In all they will have total of 4 batches for interviews, each consisting of approx. same number of applicants. The annoying thing was they invited round about 35 out-state in their first batch. And i expect about the same in each batch. I feel it is really waste of time, money and effort for out-state applicants. If i had known they would invite so many out-state applicants for about 12 seats i would have never gone there. My point is they should limit the number of out-state interviewees for just 12 seats. Because out-of-state applicants have to put in so much effort to be there, especially someone coming from the west side.

Also the question regarding the part 1 boards pass percentage came up, it was admitted they don't do traditionally well on the part1 National boards.

Overall I would say if you are an out-of-state applicant like me please think twice before applying to UNC-Chapel Hill.
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