UNC vs Pitt

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Jan 20, 2024
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Would like peoples opinion on UNC vs Pitt. I am a NC resident which makes UNC cheaper and closer to home, but as a student with a engineering background and research interest, Pitt fits my educational goals better. The surgeons I work for tell me that although Pitt is higher ranking, it probably would not make a dramatic difference in my residency placement if I perform well at both institutions and to go with the cheaper option (UNC in this case). I am currently interested in specialties including derm, ophthalmology, and plastics. I want peoples opinion if Pitt would be worth it over UNC? The price difference over 4 years will be greater than 100k. Thank you!

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I think you did a pretty good job at identifying what’s important and at this point I think it really comes down to preference. Pitt is objectively the better school and seems to fit your aspirations more as you pointed out, but UNC is better from a financial and support standpoint.

Both of these schools are great. It’s not like you’re comparing Harvard with an unranked school. You’ll be just fine at either one. I would look into how you want the next few years of your life to go. Do you want connections in the North Carolina region to rotate in places you would like to match? Do you value being able to come see friends and family at home? Do you have an SO in the area or anything along those lines? Etc

Personally, I would choose UNC because those are things I value more than the difference in career trajectory. Because again, I personally don’t think Pitt would open so many more doors that UNC couldn’t open while at the cost of not being near my family for the next 4 years
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I'm a pitt M4. Fully agree with the previous reply. Obviously I have no experience at UNC but I imagine it's not so dramatically different to sway me away from an extra $100k and family/social support. Both great options. Good luck!
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