Undergraduate RCSI entry 2020

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May 2, 2020
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Hello everyone,

I'm making this thread to possibly find some answers for some of my lingering questions in regards to first-year RCSI entry to the 5-year medical program. Here are 2 questions I couldn't seem to find an answer for, at least for my specific situation:

1. Should I be getting a stethoscope for the first year? I know that RCSI has early patient contact starting from year 1, but should I be investing in a stethoscope this early one?

2. Should I be considering buying any medical textbooks before the course? If so what would they be?

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1. Yes get one now, dont stress later. Its available on amazon etc. Get tuning forks (the 128 Hz and 256 Hz).
2. No need for course text books, lectures are all you need for the beginning.

Cheers & goodluck!
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