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Aug 9, 2015
New York City
Psychology Student

I have made many mistakes in my life and walked down the wrong path. I was a strait A student until I decided to walk with the wrong crowd. After having a child I've decided to start college and continue to educate myself for the rest of my life, as research, study, learning and debating are passions of mine

I passed the entrance exams at CUNY and don't have to take any remedial classes (to everyone's surprise because I dropped out of school in the 9th grade). I was accepted into a 4 year senior college because my GED score is a perfect 4,000 so I wont have to be going to a 2 year college.

After meeting with the academic advisers they recommend that I take double majors of Psychology and Sociology. I've also been thinking about a BSW.

My original goal was a Psychologist or Psychiatrist. However after researching the licensing I'm not sure if I can get approval for a license to practice. I would like to stay in the mental health field so now I'm thinking Social Work or some form of Therapist or Counselor.

I have 1 class D paper felony (meaning I never went to jail for it) for bail jumping, convicted in 2004. A misdemeanor conviction for possession of drugs in 2008 and another misdemeanor conviction of assault in the 3rd (domestic court not criminal) in 2012.

Today I'm in the processes of being rehabilitated. I have completed anger management, parenting class and drug rehab at a Drug and Mental Health Center. I have not been diagnosed with any mental illness and the doctors are all routing for my success.

After receiving help for my mental well being and becoming productive, I now wish to help save the lives of other misguided people out there in NYC. I know for a fact that many intelligent young people have been conditioned to be failures in life and I wish to help as many as I can change.

Please help me decide what path to take to achieve these means based off the above information. I'm thinking;

Path 1: BA Psych/BA Soc, MSW (to find a job), Ph.D Psych (for research and scholarship)

Path 2: BA Forensic Psych/ CASAC-T, MA Forenic Psych, Ph.D Psych (clinical)

Path 3: BS Pharm Sci, MD (Psychiatry)

Path 4: BA Psych, MA Clinical Psych, Psy.D (clinical)

Please give me any advise or criticism, I need a much help as possible in understanding the decisions I make for my future.

Thank you!
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