Apr 24, 2013
UNF has a supplemental question (max 4500 characters as well) that states: Describe any personal events or life circumstances that have impacted your academic performance in such a way that your record may not adequately reflect your potential for success in the program.

If I do not feel that anything has necessarily negatively affected my resume/record or academic performance should this question still be answered? Obviously every one has room for improvement but I am pretty happy with my application. I feel wrong however if I just leave it blank. I appreciate any feedback!


2+ Year Member
Aug 25, 2015
It sounds like a "do you have any extenuating circumstances" question, which if you don't have, I would leave that question blank. I was also looking into this kind of question and saw that people were writing about cancer in the family, natural disasters, etc. and I didn't have any business writing in this section. Not everyone suffers tragedies in their college career.