Univ. of Wisconsin (UW) Curriculum Changes

Discussion in 'Medical Students - MD' started by uwguy, Jan 12, 2002.

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    I've been hearing rumors that the U. of Wisconsin in Madison is making some changes to its curriculum? Anyone know the specifics?
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    I only know vague info about it...from what I've heard, they will take effect when the new building opens in 2003. This is what I learned directly from the dean of curriculum.

    1. Biochem lab will be eliminated (it was a waste of time)
    2. Histo and Path labs will be drastically changed due to the elimination of microscopes. A lot of computer/online work instead, they are experimenting with this now a little bit.
    3. They have integrated a clinical correlation component to gross anatomy.
    4. There is some debate about the future of gross lab (location, group size, etc.)
    5. Path, PDS, and a couple other classes are continually being 'tweaked' due to student feedback.
    6. Genetics was shifted to starting earlier in the semester to help alleviate stress later on in the semester.
    7. Clinical year block scheduling is being changed to minimize back-to-back stressful rotations for those getting the 'bad' sequence of the three blocks. (spreading out OB/Gyn, Surg, and Medicine)

    The details for everything is still being ironed out, so more specifics will be given to students at the end of our semester.

    Call the admissions office and ask to talk to someone who knows specifics...that would be your best and most accurate source of information (plus if you tell them you're trying to choose schools and know they're changing curriculums, I'm sure they would provide you with info for you to make a decision).

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