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Mar 11, 2004
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I have a scheduled interview coming up next month at the Uni of Appalachia. I haven't seen any post about interviews from there. I wanted to know has anybody interviewed there? And what was it like? And has any one else been offered an interview there?

I will be flying from California and their offices told me that I will be flying into Tennessee and then have to drive 2hrs to get there in Grundy, VA. Any advice... how weather I should get a hotel and stay in Tennessee, Tri City or stay closer in Grundy, while waiting for my interview? I'm not familiar with the state or area and conditions of the stay. It's a big transition from the sunny beaches of southern california to the boonies of Grundy.
Thanks any advice appreciated!


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Mar 4, 2004
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yeah... it will be a lot different then CA...

I would recommend staying in the abington/bristol area, 1 hr away from grundy (in theory).

I believe there is someone on here from lebanon VA which is really close as well... and he could help you out a little more with which is closer. i live about 2 hrs from grundy.

VA as a whole is great however... just realize that there are only about 3 hours of direct sunlight in grundy LOL it is inbetween two mountains...
i love the mountains and the area is beautiful especially in the fall

good luck with your interview..

and at the tri cities airport... (BTW the "tri cities" are 3 "cities"... Kingsport, Johnson City, and Bristol that are just close together)

I don't know anything about the process but I would think about why you would like to move there.
Do you like the location?
what do you like to do in your spare time?
do you like the outdoors?

they may not ask you these questions but it should aid in your decision..

also i believe someone on here has already been accepted so check the roll call and start there... (i don't want to screw up anyone's username)