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Mar 18, 2010
Academic Administration
The Division of Dermatology at the University of Arizona is currently under review by the ACGME for accreditation of our residency training program. We anticipate having two PGY-2 positions available in 2010 and two additional positions in 2011 which will be filled outside of the match. Interested applicants should forward their ERAS application materials to:

James Sligh MD, PhD
Dermatology Program Director
University of Arizona
1515 N. Campbell Ave
Box 245024
Tucson AZ 85724

(520) 626-6024

A formal review process for applicants will begin later this spring as we receive a status update from the Residency Review Committee.

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Apr 4, 2009
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Just so fellow SDNers are aware and have background (I was lucky enough to match, so I have no dog in this fight), the University of Arizona Dermatology program in 2006-2007 withdrew voluntarily due to accreditation problems, http://www.acgme.org/adspublic/ (Check under "List of Withdrawn Programs" under year 2006-2007 for Dermatology). I do not know what the accreditation problems were at the time or if they have been addressed and remediated in starting up this program back up again for 2010.

The last thing you want to have happen to you is to fall into the circumstance that so many people those who had matched into NYMC/St. Vincent's, those currently in NYMC/St. Vincent's residency programs, or those who "matched" this year into NYMC (in checking the ERAS/AAMC list they were participating in the match this year), who now are in the position of having to find other places to train as they are now "displaced residents". http://forums.studentdoctor.net/showthread.php?t=710942
Mar 20, 2010
Our PD explained that the leadership at the Univ of Arizona Program has completely changed since 2006, and there are dedicated faculty ecxcited to launch a new dermatology program there. Even more importantly, any program seeking accreditation goes thorugh a formal and rigorous review by the ACGME. Notably, this situation is completely different from that of the NYMC/St. Vincent's Programs (which were withdrawn given the potential closure of St. Vincent's Hospital in NYC)--this will be an initial accreditation of a new residency program. In essence, this will be a completely NEW derm program, providing several new derm slots in the near future (good for all of us!).