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University of Miami - Class of 2008!!!


Senior Member
10+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Jun 26, 2003
  1. Post Doc
Congrats to all Miami acceptees! (and future acceptees too!)

For those of us who have decided to attend UM, this can be a place to share information, opinions, and tips on housing, transportation, leisure, etc.

Current UM students are obviously welcome!


My first question: where to live?

Since my parents live in south Miami, I'm thinking of perhaps renting an apt. on North Kendall Drive (SW 88th street) close to the Dadeland Metrorail Station. This way, I could avoid rush hour traffic every morning.

Apartments in this area are not too expensive... a 3-bedroom unit runs about $1150 at some complexes. Also great location.

If anyone is interested in sharing a 3-bedroom (between 2 or 3 ppl), let me know!

BTW I've been told that a monthly pass for Metrorail is $50 including parking.

Anyone know of other convenient places to live that are nice and not too expensive?
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